Sonido Tropico
Sonido Tropico: Organic Psychedelic tropical house - Brazil

SonidoTrópico is a Label & Event Production crew rooted in São Paulo's Underground scene. Founded mid-2014 they are on the crisp of the electro-revolution that currently pulsates in Latin America, giving birth to organic, highly danceable, cultural-infused music. Sonido Trópico was born seeking to inject life into the underground scene in São Paulo, amidst an all-time low of creativity and production. A new generation, focused on Influences from Brazilian rhythms and regional tendencies are the key elements behind this undeniable revolution. They have now hosted over 35 parties in São Paulo, in under 24 months, connecting with more than 25 thousand people across them all!
The crew will be represented by El Peche, Nirso and Salvador Araguaya!